Brain Meds: How did I manage to ditch them?

Today we’re talking brain meds! That’s right, pharmaceuticals, happy pills.. whatever you want to call them. I’m sharing why and how I decided to ditch the depression drugs with the 5-part system I use to maintain my mental health today.

It’s called the 5 Bridges and it’s something that is the culmination of about a decade of work for me. It’s actually part of NoStigmas Ally Training, and I’m in the process of writing a book about it.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor, psychologist, or a pharmacist.

I cannot give you advice as to whether or not you should be taking pharmaceuticals, what pharmaceuticals to take, or how to get off of them. That is something for you and your doctor to work on together collaboratively.

Likewise, if you want to make any modifications to your current treatment plan, please talk to your doctor about that. There could be a lot of side effects from coming off of these drugs, including suicidal ideation. Your doctor knows how to do so properly.

One final thing: There’s nothing wrong with taking pharmaceuticals for mental illness. Taking brain meds does not make you weak or lazy. Do what’s best for your brain.

Keep doing the work, it’s worth it, I promise you. It may seem like an uphill battle or futile, but it absolutely is worth it, I promise you, because I’ve been there.

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For additional information you can sign up for NoStigmas Ally Training for free and get access to a ton of other free perks, including a 5 Bridges lesson: here. If you or someone you know is crisis: Call 800-273-TALK or text ALLY to 741-741.

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