Mood is Affected by Food: Dairy and Gluten Make Me Sad.

So, I ate an entire pizza by myself. And in addition to the shame and bloating, I also felt.. sad. Like, legitimately melancholy.

But it wasn’t because of my guilt- my mood was seriously affected by the TYPE of food I ate. There’s a strong connection between food and mood. Specifically, dairy and gluten really impact my mental health.

This isn’t news to me. But in this case it was pretty palpable.. and palatable (the pizza was delicious)! But I paid for it– in more ways than one.

It all comes down to choices. Even though I know dairy and gluten don’t agree with me, I chose to eat it anyway. Which is totally okay as long as I’m prepared for the consequences.

The goal is to make more positive choices more consistantly. It’s not about perfection, but progress.

Tell me about your relationship with food and mood. Do you struggle with food choices? How do you plan ahead to avoid unhealthy choices? Leave your comments, like and share please.

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