Speaking Opportunities

Jacob Moore is a inspirational speaker, wellness coach and the founder of NoStigmas, a social movement for mental health equality.

After losing his father to suicide at age six, Jacob grew up plagued by debilitating anxiety and depression. Ashamed, he became an expert at hiding his mental illness from those closest to him for over 20 years. This practice cost Jacob countless jobs, numerous relationships, his home and very nearly his life. Having hit rock bottom, he finally found support through the help of family and peer supporters.

Understanding the positive role of peer support in his journey, Jacob created NoStigmas as a place where people could connect, share their story and learn about mental health without feeling alone or ashamed.  The community grew and in 2011, NoStigmas became recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.

Jacob is a mental health speaker and writes on the topics of mental wellness, suicide prevention, stigmas, peer mentorship, holistic health, and the business of starting a nonprofit.  He splits his time between Chicago and Los Angeles.

What People Are Saying

– Ryan Goodrich, Bayer Healthcare

– Kevin Hines, International Speaker, Bestselling Author of Cracked, Not Broken

“I was very impressed by Jacob’s genuineness and his professional manner. Our students stated they gained a new perspective on the importance of nurturing emotionally healthy relationships not only as future therapists, but as members of society as well. They were inspired to take what they learned from Jacob and move into action.

In creating and growing NoStigmas, I believe Jacob is standing at the leading edge of integrated health care. He has a natural ability to connect with others and he models advocating for emotional and behavioral wellness as essential components of the human experience. We are excited to participate in more NoStigmas opportunities, and we look forward to having him back!”

Stacy Smith, Co-president
Student Professional Development Organization
Couple and Family Therapy Program
Alliant International University

“As somebody who has struggled and is still struggling with depression, I felt an immediate connection with [Jacob] during his presentation. His story is powerful, and he presents it in a delicate way that allows the audience to almost feel as if they were right there with him going through it. I honestly feel as if there’s a light for me at the end of this tunnel now, and I plan on taking his advice and getting the help that I need to be well again.

He gave me inspiration to talk to a friend of mine who I knew was having a rough time of things recently. He went to the presentation as well, and right afterwards we had a conversation about the problems he was facing, and we both left feeling better than we had before. I know that we weren’t the only ones who left feeling better; the feedback from the survey afterwards was overwhelmingly positive.”

Daniel Stockard
VP of Engineered Leadership
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity