Thriving Through Suicide Loss, Anxiety & Depression

A little bit about me and my background and why the heck you should be listening to me.

It goes back all the way to when I was 6 years old. My birth father died by suicide and as you can imagine that gave a pretty rough start, a lot of questions, a lot of anger, anxiety and it really affected my entire development from my social interactions to my schooling.

Having that adverse childhood experience really shaped the way that I grew up and it was really unaddressed and followed me all the way until today, but really I think came to ahead when I was in high school, my junior of High School I became very depressed suicidal and it was one of the darkest periods of my life incidentally also the first time ever that I really understood what my father must have been going through and his experiences.

Luckily I had my mom and she took me to the doctor got medication and started a treatment plan which helped but it did not fix my brain. And so, I spent essentially the next 10 years of my life going to different doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and seeking different diagnosis over the years.

I was diagnosed with everything from adult ADD, anxiety, panic disorder, clinical depression, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, and I was given the medications for all of it.

At some point I was on multiple medications at once and over the years, 33 different combinations of pharmaceuticals to try to fix my brain. None of it completely did the job.

So, living with drug-resistant depression has been an extreme Challenge and it’s affected my relationships it’s affected my employability and my overall development. I would say like I was 10 years behind because of everything I’ve been dealing with.

10 years ago I really started to look at alternative approaches to dealing with my mental health issues and with my wellness in general and off course coming to the conclusion ultimately that everything is connected here my mind and my body and what affects one affects the other.

So, I I really started to do a lot of research check with experts with peer supporters and built this wealth of knowledge and lived expertise which have led me to go beyond just surviving, but to live a life where I feel like I’m thriving now.

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